Let’s Go PaPa
May 20, 2011, 12:01 pm
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Bye PaPa

May 20, 2011

     My grandson and his daddy were here to spend a day on the farm. Mom and sister were here too. They all had fun fishing, walking in the very wet woods, cleaning up around the old cabin and of course helping with chores. Little boys (and big boys) love tractors and skidsteers.
     The rains are keeping us out of the fields and gardens. The manure piles up, but we don’t spread on wet muddy fields due to run-off. We don’t want the nutrients to wash away and pollute our streams. The rich goodness the manure supplies will be used to feed our crops and soils as soon as the weather cooperates.
     Josh and John are headed after a round bale for the horses. John waves bye and wants his dad to get moving. I like the production attitude in the little fella 😮 He might be a real pusher one day.
     Feeding the new twin bottle babies is a treat for the grandkids. They take the job serious and I can see they both will choose the farm life one day. It may be in a city far away, where tomatoes will grow on their apartment rooftops in containers, but they will be farming none the less. This lifestyle stays with a person no matter how far from home you get.
     I would much rather to wave bye-bye as they take off to get a hay bale or just a quick jaunt around the drive, than to see them packed up leaving for some far away place. I understand the need to leave the nest, but wish we all lived closer. E-mail, telephones and the world wide web does make it much easier to communicate with our large extended family, but there is nothing like face time!
     The best thing about family is, no matter how far we get in distance, it only takes a split second to be there in our hearts. I am sure my mom and dad, grandparents on both sides who are in the heavens, transend the space to watch over and be with us. My knowing that makes it much easier to wave bye-bye as our family scatters all around the nation. We just need to take a minute, close our eyes and let our hearts give hugs to those we miss……… Now don’t you feel better?   I sure do 😮

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I really enjoy reading your blog, Ralph. Don’t know how you find the time, but your heart and soul is in it, just like everything else you do.

Comment by Aunt June

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