May 26, 2011, 5:55 pm
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I Love Lucy

May 26, 2011

     This is our farm’s dog Lucy. She is a red and white Border Collie. She came from Montana, but we got her from Madison, Ohio. She was a year old when we got her and had not ever seen any farm animals. She adopted us. Very soon her instincts took over and she became a wonderful stock dog. She is eleven now and still has heart for working the animals. Like me she is a little slow, but the desire is still there 😮
     The lady we got her from said she was a lady’s dog, but Lucy fell for me and is my constant companion. I love her too. She knows all the daily routines and makes sure every animal does what it’s supposed to do. She works them while watching over me. We are bonded.
     Our family is large. My wife and I are each in our second marriage. She had five children and I had two. Nineteen years ago we decided to blend our brood and is has worked out very well. We had bumps and jolts along the way, but not any more than other families share. We are all bonded to each other, look out for each other and love one another.
     The twin lambs that we have been bottle feeding have had a twist of fate. The little ram lamb went to another farm to become part of their breeding program in time. The little ewe lamb is here. I didn’t want her to be lonely. I put her in a pen in the pasture with the rest of the flock. A red ewe stayed nearby and her single white lamb rubbed noses with the bottle baby. The little white lamb jumped and played outside of the bottle baby’s pen.
     I decided to put the bottle baby with the rest of the flock after the introduction had been made and several days had passed. This morning I went ti feed the baby and she wouldn’t come. I walked the pasture for quite a while fearing the worst. After a bit of time I discovered the little lamb nursing off of the red ewe, the little white lamb on the other side and both wagging tails for all they were worth. I will say that they are bonded. The little family stays together, plays together and looks out for each other. I am sure if sheep love each other, that they are bound by the ties that bind.
     I should be jumping for joy. No more feedings. No more bottles … Yippee!  Well, I would be jumping up and down except that I traded for a milk goat to provide milk for the growing lamb. Now me and the goat are bound! I milk, she fidgets and eats grain. I feed her milk to a couple runt piglets for right now, growing them to spit size, Yum 😮
     I should use the milk for the house. We could make cheese, ice cream and of course drink it. I can slop all over the kitchen mixing my muddy shoes with the clean floor, dirty hands with clean towels and the straining filters with the trash. My city born wife is bound to me … not so much to the goat. I will continue to feed the piglets until Connie and my caprine milk maker become bonded  😮

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😉 Some bonding is by choice, some by chance, both require love to become secure.

Comment by Charlie

I love Charlie’s comment & just want to say….
an interesting turn of events…goats milk fudge would be good too!

Comment by Sonya

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