Crazy things I have done
May 31, 2011, 7:15 am
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Dinner time!

May 31, 2011

     I have done some crazy things in my life. In the photo above a baby deer nurses off of a goat. We had this whole deal going on last year. Our grandson saw the baby’s mother get hit on the road and killed. I was sure the little thing wouldn’t make it, but I was wrong.
     We got the little fella nursing from the goat. He did very well and the goat didn’t seem to mind. It was much easier than messing around with bottles and milk replacer. The deer grew well on the goat’s milk too. He nursed for about 80 days. They spent most of the summer in our pastures … well the goat did.  The deer went where ever it wanted, leaping our fences in a single bound. One day he leapt over the fence and was gone.
     People shouldn’t mess with wild creatures. They are better off left alone, even if it means their very end. The deer in the photo, as far as I know, made it through hunting season. However, he  may have walked right up to a hunter looking for a treat only to be dispatched of his life.  I think in the long run, we didn’t really help the deer. Deer raising should be done with permits, a handling system and taller fences. Then I say go for it. It can be profitable and for sure the babies are fun to watch 😮
     One winter day a friend and I were sled riding. We built a tunnel from a snow drift on the side of the hill.  Just before we were done for the day, we tried to go through the tunnel at the same time. We didn’t use sleds. We just jumped into the tunnel on the side of the hill at the same time. We were stuck like a cork in a bottle. We were quite a ways from home and it was getting dark. We couldn’t move our arms. They were stuck fast. It felt like we couldn’t breathe. In a panic, we started kicking and thrashing around. At first it only seemed to get us more stuck, but then the packed snow drift tunnel broke apart. I have been claustrophobic ever since. That was a crazy thing, let me tell you!
     Another time a friend and I went scouting for turkeys in the southern Ohio mountains. I guess they are only hills, but they felt like mountains by the end of that day. We were in unfamiliar territory and left our map in the truck. We were only going to be a little while and there was a path anyway. Some how we got turned around and walked twelve miles or so in the wrong direction. We didn’t have water and were wearing warm clothing and big boots. The day became very hot. We took off what clothing we could and kept walking. We did get back to the truck. The whole day was gone. We were overheated with swollen feet and damaged egos. This may actually be in the “stupidest” things I have done category. I knew better,  but made a dumb decision anyway.
     Thankfully, I surround myself with good friends and people who love me. They overlook the crazy things I do. They listen to my ideas, like selling ice cream from a horse-drawn wagon, and say things like “aw huh” or “maybe”, but not many say “forget about it!”  Some even share my crazy dreams.
     Crazy things make me who I am. I dream big. I think outside the box, sometimes way outside the box 😮  Those very same friends and family help to ground me, work out solutions and find a way where no way existed. So, even though I do some crazy things, I am lucky enough to have a support network that is there for me … anytime I need it … Lucky? No way …….. I am blessed

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we wood not have you any other way
love you matt

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