That’ll Do Girl
June 4, 2011, 3:44 pm
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Good Girl Lucy

June 4, 2011

     My Lucy has been ailing lately. She is tired and just not her usual self. A trip to the vet revealed illness. I am devastated, my constant companion is near death. My tears flow freely and I am not ashamed.
     She works our stock and made the transition from city dog to country dog in a single bound. She is indeed a super dog. She understands my every move and contemplates my next one. I swear she understands English and does everything but talk.
     She never really was a guard dog, watchdog yes, but more of an announcer. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body …. shhh don’t tell the sheep 😮
She welcomes all of our farms visitors, after letting me know that someone is here with a loud bark. That is about the only time she barks.
     She follows me everywhere I go and waits on me no matter what. Often she sleeps outside the door waiting for me to get up and start our day. She doesn’t run off and never has. She knows the boundaries and has never crossed them. I have never owned such a dog. In fact I don’t own her … we share life together.
     Lucy has shared plans, dreams, frustrations and grief with me. She is a very good listener and waits patiently while I talk to her. Her understanding face and loving eyes I will never forget. I will miss my friend.
     Saying goodbye to her is like pulling small pieces of my heart out. She looks up at me as if to say she understands and wants me to know that everything will be okay. Today, my world is far from okay as I open my soul and spend the final days of my dog’s life.
     This is part of responsible pet ownership. I cannot make her suffer due to my selfishness of not wanting her to go. I know her pain will soon be gone and her tired body will rest. She will live in my memory and I will treasure our time together. I know that in her usual fashion, she will wait for me on the other side of death and help me tend animals in God’s pasture, for if there is Heaven, surely there are animals there.
     So I comfort Lucy for now. She follows me only part way and waits in the shade while I finish my chores. I let her rest and assure her that all is okay. I say the words that mean a job well done … That’ll do girl, That’ll do for now.

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They become so much a part of you, usually when you aren’t looking and don’t expect it, but they do. An extension of our conscience; Lucy can never be replaced and I know you never expect to find another like her, but in time, I know your heart will warm up to and welcome another canine companion! Salute to Lucy and a pat on the head too.

Comment by Charlie

Ralph et al,

Please view the link above-you may have to cut and paste. baxter is one of my favorite cowboy poets and in this one poem he says what many men struggle with. Sorry for your loss. Joe

Comment by Joe

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