Gangs and Gangsters
June 18, 2011, 4:36 am
Filed under: June 2011

June 18, 2011

     The above photo shows a gang of troublemakers. These little imps have figured out how to get through the smallest of openings. They are so cute sleeping in the straw and yet so destructive when free roaming the flower beds!
     I did finally figure out where the little bulldozers were getting out. Much to their disappointment, I fixed that part of the fence. The little gangsters will be headed off to new homes next week. I hope their new pens will hold water because that’s just about what it takes to hold these little jail breakers 😮
     It’s nice that my biggest problems from gangs is caused by escaped piglets. They are tough on the garden and flower beds, but have yet to spray paint the side of the barn. They cause me grief for only a little while, then they can’t fit through the squares in the fence anymore. They become content with what is within their boundaries and show no contempt for me …the jailor.
     I pray that my two-legged youngsters continue to be able to separate themselves from the crowd. I try to instill confidence in all I touch, self-esteem is a wonderful thing. It keeps you standing on your own two feet when the rest of the crowd is swept into sometimes bad behavior. Be strong, be yourself and stay inside the fences.
     If you are going to go along with the crowd, be the leader. Take the gang some place good for the purpose of doing good. Start a new trend. Mow an old person’s lawn or run an errand for someone in need. Babysit for a neighbor for a couple of hours, teach a child to fish or sit with someone who just needs company. Try and be the force that gets things done, builds things up and beautifies everything it touches. The whole world will be better for it.
     The little piggies in the photograph will some day give their lives for the purpose of good. They will enrich people with protein for strong bodies. They will supply great tasting pork products like ham, bacon and sausage to get that done. It would only be right to use the energy for the purpose of doing good, but every now and then step outside the fence and kick up your heels a little. Have some good clean fun, run around with some friends  and enjoy the sunshine…… Oinking is optional 😮

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