June 21, 2011, 12:03 am
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June 21, 2011

     Evidently there is a sign somewhere that says “Leave your unwanted pets here!” We seem to get an awful lot of discarded animals. It seems to be mostly cats, especially kittens. The little sleeping feline has been crying at our back door for two days. You can see the effect that cat food soaked in goat’s milk has on him….. at least he quit bawling!
     The little guy will probably wind up a permanent resident unless someone comes along while he is still cute and playful. Teenage cats don’t have the charm that stumbly little kitties do 😮  We haven’t named him yet, but I have called him all sorts of things.
   Today is the first day of summer. That means the days now start getting shorter and we are headed for winter. Dang, I missed spring. If it wasn’t for the flowers I don’t think I could tell at all it was spring… seemed more like monsoon season for us northeast Ohio folks.
     Haymaking season is upon us, but the weather still is a bit damp. I guess I’ll have to get some washed this year…every now and then the rain washes it off for us farmers. Takes a little goodness and color out of the hay, but they do still eat it. We just prefer to make good dry, green hay, lots of protein and no dust …especially for the horses.
     I guess I should approach the season like my feline friend, wait on the rain, get a full belly and nap. He has no cares. He doesn’t even know he’s homeless.. he thinks he lives here 😮   I am reminded of an old dog we once had. He lived with us for years, mom said we couldn’t keep him… I guess he was a renter until he died. Dog’s name was “Sooner”. My grandpa named him. Grandpa said the name fit him perfect, because he’d sooner pee on the floor, than go outside  😮

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Dang it…I knew I should have brought my two over first.

Comment by Charlie

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