Thistle in the crop
July 18, 2011, 8:05 pm
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Speltz 2011 and a lone thistle

July 18, 2011

     You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it, but then you will see a lone thistle in my speltz. I was just taking a picture of the crop. I didn’t see the noxious weed until I uploaded the photos. At first I thought it was a bad thing to take that picture, but then I thought about it for a while.
     In life I have been both the thistle and the crop. I have stood out in a crowd and I have been in a crowd watching someone else. I have been content to “go with the flow” and I have swum upstream when everyone one else was headed downstream. That thistle reminded me of myself.
     The thistle didn’t ruin the crop and the crop allowed the thistle to grow among its plants. I guess it can be said they co-existed… Hey, I even have proof 😮
     I have known people whom I didn’t like very well. I have also been the person who wasn’t liked. The room seems very small when “the rat stands alone”, but I did it. I stood on my principles, unafraid and un-nerved. I went against the grain and in almost every instance, I am proud that I did.
     In my youth I was quick to anger. My Scotch-Irish temper got me in more than one scrap. I won several black eyes and fat lips. I was a small fry back then and much like a Banty rooster, I would not run from a fight. I got beat down quite a bit in the early days… But I became known as a guy who stood up, kept his word and meant what he said.
     In my later years, I learned to control myself better. I am still a stand up guy, but I can co-exist with many people with different viewpoints. I can even stand to be with people I detest. It builds character and anyone who knows me, can verify that I am a character 😮
     The harvested speltz are in the grain bin. The thistle was cut down and left to die in the field. It will no doubt get baled up in the straw. I may even get to see it this winter as I grab a flake of straw and get the thistle points in my hand, as it makes one last try to piss me off. No worries, its dead. It will soon be buried in horse manure and composted to enrich my fields … payback is a wonderful thing!
     Thistles are food for Monarch butterflies. I let them bloom around my farm, but just before they set seed, I cut them down with a hoe. I miss a few, much to the delight of the butterflies. Those stragglers find their  way into my farm fields where they try to get the best of me…Ha! , no dice there are many more irritants in life than a few pricks … from a thistle.
     In life, be the crop when it suits you, but stand alone like the thistle when you need to do just that. Be smart and pray for wisdom … to know the difference.

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