Mid-Summer Blooms
July 24, 2011, 9:30 am
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Garden Border 2011

July 24, 2011

     A heat wave along with thunder and strong winds produced a minimal amount of rain, but made computer work uneasy. The power faded and kicked off, putting us in the dark a few times, so we shut the computer down…sorry for my absence.
     The garden border is magnificent. It is a perennial border of daisies, day lilies and cone flowers. I moved these plants here a couple of years ago when we needed to split plants and had no place in mind to plant them. We are so very happy that we did. These are beautiful every year, require very little maintenance and they were free 😮  The flower border mimics the plantings around our house. I have even started planting in front of our pig barn.
      The splash of color helps to brighten my day. The blooms last quite awhile and are sure pretty when they are on display. I have also started planting these mid-summer bloomers near my mother’s gravesite. The color there is nice to see and I am sure mom would approve. I plan to start a bunch of Cosmos, mom’s favorite, this summer/fall. I found that they can be direct seeded in late August and will do very well the following year. Ours even come up in the sidewalk cracks.
     I am tearing out the cement that was our back patio. I, being ever frugal… OK … cheap, cut the patio into large blocks. I dragged the blocks to an overhang on my barn that had no cement. It is working out well. I will have a cement floor where none existed and a clean slate for the new patio. The old one had a “Ralph” slant to it. I poured the concrete so water would be sure to run off of it. It had so much fall that iced tea on a picnic table listed quite heavily and hot dogs would roll off your plate!
     This has become a big job that required stone to be brought in for fill. I had to rip out ten-year old plantings. I am tearing up the grass with the skid steer and I managed to pick the hottest days in over a decade to work on this project. I have tested the capacity of my machine, the tensile strength of a few chains, the absorbancy of my clothing and the resolve of a middle-aged man (me). I have two more 8×9 blocks to move then I can start forming the new covered patio that exists now, only in my dreams.
     Today I will not work on the patio. I plan to visit with an old friend, drive my horses on the wagon and enjoy the blooming flowers. There will be plenty of time next week for the hard work required for patio block moving. I may sit and design the plantings that will grace the new outside place, but then again I may leave that to chance. I am pretty happy with our random efforts so far. I don’t want to upset the balance that comes from having too many plants and just sticking them in the ground. The rewards are amazing!
     Enjoy the Mid-Summer Blooms, for not all of them are plants. Look for the bloom in a happy child’s smile or in the light of your lovers face. Spend time with a friend and see the emotion in their eyes. These things, just like the blooms of summer, are gifts from God.

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Mom always said you could fall into a pile o’…manure and come out smelling like a rose! 😉 Her special way of reminding us that we could make the best out of any random situation. I know I am better for having learned, or in the process of learning that lesson too.

Comment by Charlie

Your flowers are beautiful. We have Cosmos too; I love them. They’re not suppose to come up every year, but they do – I guess they don’t know any better.

Comment by Aunt June

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