End of a perfect day
August 6, 2011, 10:07 pm
Filed under: August 2011
Taking off the harness

August 6, 2011

     The end of the day when everything goes well makes for a wonderful feeling. I sometimes complete my day at my off farm job feeling like I left too many things undone. I don’t like that feeling. It is just the way it is where many teams have to coordinate work, get along and work together. We usually reach consensus, but progress is very slow sometimes.
     Here I consult my wife and family about most things, but often I make the plan and execute the work. I find ways around problems by seeking the best solution and adapting to that situation. I am in charge, I take charge and I complete what I start even if it takes several days or even weeks. I like the feeling of getting it done.
     When the horse work is done for the day, the harnesses are taken off of the horses and put away. The horses are brushed, fed and watered. I take good care of my working partners. The rest of the chores are done once the horses are tended. I do it that way so the very last thing I do before going to the house, is to check the horses one more time and just breathe on them.
     Breathing on my horses means to spend time with them. Perhaps I am just talking for a minute, pushing up hay or checking to see that all is well. It’s a bit like checking on the children just before going to sleep. It gives me and them peace of mind and a sense of love. I have yet to double-check on my tractor 😮
     I put the harness on its hook, enjoy a fading sunset and talk to my four-legged friends. Chores keep me grounded and complete me. I have fed animals twice a day for as long as I can remember, I hope to tend them until I can’t remember … that will not only be the end of a perfect day .. but a perfect life as well!

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