Dirt work and Landscape
September 1, 2011, 10:12 pm
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Flower bed at the new patio

September 1, 2011

     Today we were drowned in a two-inch morning rainstorm, but yesterday we were able to build and plant the new flower beds around the recently re-done patio. The plants look good. They even survived the morning deluge.
     The patio is coming along nicely. The fountain in the background was made by a local precast place. It used to be a guy who sold cement, gravel and sand. The next generation found a niche in the precast business. They are making some wonderful things and are getting better each year. Frye Sand and Gravel is the place. The service and the prices are great.
     Today we sorted and moved sheep. We sold a small batch of ewes and so the first ones left the farm today. There are a few more groups to go as we sort through them. The weathers (castrated males) will soon be separated, put on the best pasture and pushed for market. That is how it goes here in September as we work our way through the sheep flock.
     I discovered today that cleaning a bulldozer is not nearly as much fun as driving it through the mud. The sticky clay was caked on, mixed with cattail and grass. You can’t shovel too good and just like working on a manure spreader, you can’t stay clean! I was as filthy and wet as the machine was, by the time I broke out the pressure washer. It’s all good now, but what a job!
     We are done with the flower beds for this year. The last of fifty tons of topsoil was put in place yesterday. The last bed is one on the south-east side of the garden. We divided the daylillies, daisies and cone flowers into forty more plants. The garden border should be even more impressive in the coming years.
     I like projects that are cheap but look like a million dollars. The dirt cost us $300.00, the plants were free and the new look….. Priceless .. as they say 😮
I just had to supply the work, no problem, I can do work!  My mom would be tickled with the results … and I am too.
     We hope to get a cover over the patio before the fall winds blow. I am still pricing materials, saving money and working out the details. It may have to wait until spring, but I hope I can get it done before it’s time to harvest corn. All in good time, I guess … so I will wait, ever ready to do the work 😮

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