The one that got away
September 3, 2011, 7:23 pm
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I got one daddy!

September  3, 2011

     My grandson is a fisherman. He went fishing before he was born. I think it is his favorite pastime, at least for now. I guess that is a good thing, because his daddy is very fond of fishing too.
     My son and daughter-in-law went fishing on their first date. The next date was a coon hunt. I guess it all worked out because that was many years ago now and they are still fishing together.
     My oldest son caught the fishing bug from his grandpa, his mother’s daddy. The two of them fished every pond, lake and creek in the county I think. They made many memories, caught a lot of fish and I believe, told a few lies, like all good fishermen do 😮
     I supported their time together. I wanted my son, the first boy in the family in two generations, to have a great bond with his grandpa. I still think that was a good thing to do. My son has many good times, shared with his grandpa, locked away in his memory bank. I am sure that Josh’s grandpa Kuncz took many awesome memories to his grave with him too.
     Watching my son and grandson fish takes me back to my son’s childhood. He would hold the pole with a steady grip, watch his bobber and fish like a professional. My grandson also takes fishing serious,  as soon as his bobber hits the water, he is sure he has a fish on his hook. He yells out that he has one and reels the line in as fast as he can.
     The hook is almost always empty and I am sure he wants to tell the story of the one that got away!  My son will soon share that part of fishing with his son. He will teach him all sorts of things that men need to know. It starts at childhood and continues until your father passes away.
     As long as dad is around, nothing is too tough, no problem goes unsolved and no challenge is too great. Once the old man is gone, however, everything changes. You suddenly realize that everyone now looks to you for the answers. It’s a great job that comes with many bittersweet moments. You try to have all the answers, but every now and then, you come up blank … another case of …  the one that got away.
     I will cherish the days with my family. I will make the most of every one of them. When I lay on my deathbed, I want to know that I used every day that I was given and not a single one was … the one that got away.
     Call your mom, hug your children, phone an old friend and when you see someone without a smile … give them one of yours.

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