Gettin Hitched
September 10, 2011, 8:16 am
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Knight and Hoss 2010

September 10, 2011

     Around here, “getting hitched” can mean many things. It can mean getting the horses ready to go to work, hitching the truck and trailer together, or hooking the tractor to a piece of  equipment. Today, “getting hitched”  takes on a special meaning. Our youngest son is getting married. We have the pleasure of gaining another daughter-in-law today.
     The late summer rain is falling giving everything a fresh green look. The sky is a pretty grayish-blue and you couldn’t knock the smile off my face with a club. No one or nothing can spoil this day. It is a day that God has made and I shall rejoice in it. Today will be the first step in Jake and Heather’s life journey. A little rain cannot dampen the spirit that has been instilled in their hearts, for I know that the “Son” shines there.
     A day such as this is sometimes bittersweet for me. I look around and see so many family members missing … well, at least their bodies are missing. I know that their love will fill the church and the day. I am also sure that they would not only approve of this union, but give their blessings as well. I will live for them, I will laugh for them and  love for them, not only on this day, but in all my days to come.
     Our new daughter-in-law brings with her family ties from the great state of West Virginia. Our roots run to Appalachia too and just  like the trees that grow on rock, those roots run deep and hold tight. Our word is our bond and a handshake is our seal. We love with all our hearts, even if we don’t always show it.
     This whole hitching thing works both ways. Heather’s parents get a new son-in-law today. They are getting a man who carries my genes, favors my looks, but is tempered better and made from strong mettle. His heart was broken once, but it opened a place for Heather. I know that no matter what happens, that place is her’s forever.
     These two lovers were made for each other. They complement one another very well. They will be good for each other. My wish for them is a long happy life, filled with all the good things. I hope for just enough bumps along the way to make their love for each other even stronger.
     We will witness the marriage of our youngest son today. I am sure that my eyes will spill over, because my heart is full , so a little emotion will leak out. The tears will be of sheer joy, made from past experiences, forged in love from generations and worn on my cheeks as a badge of honor, from a proud father.
     Jake wanted  a date for his wedding that he could remember, so they chose 9-10-11, I know it will be a day that I won’t forget. We have had quite a few good teams on this farm and today we get another one. All they have to do is pull together, look to each other for strength, listen to their master’s voice and put their trust in “Him”.

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