New Experiences
September 18, 2011, 8:09 pm
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King 12 Weeks Old

September 18, 2011

     King keeps getting new experiences every day. Today he met the goats. We do our meetings in such a way that King is safe and the other animals are safe. He seems to take it all in stride. He is a very good puppy.
     We picked squash today. I snipped them from the vine before the frost could ruin them. We didn’t get frost last night, but it did dip to 44F. The squash and pumpkins have all been washed and dried. They are the winter varieties and should keep much of the winter. King helped with that job too.
     I guess I should be happy that I only lost one squash to the playful pup. He was trying to help I think, but his teeth went in way too deep. The shaking of the vegetable didn’t help either 😮  He is a tough guy… or so he thinks.
     I have to commend the dog for his out going nature. He does not shy away from anything. He is curious and willing to try anything new. I am not so much that way. I do pretty good with the familiar, but not so well with the new stuff. I guess I wasn’t exposed enough as a kid .. BUT I am OK with that!
     We had a nice day today. It was the last Sunday of summer and I can say that I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a day of rest and I think I loafed pretty well. The things I did weren’t strenuous and they gave me satisfaction. My brain and body rests well when it is satisfied. The honeymooners returned home today and that pleased me too. I like to have my chicks in the nest or at least in earshot….. even if that means by cell phone 😮
     I am about to get a haircut from my wife… talk about new experiences! It will be my third one since we got the clippers…I do still have eyebrows, but only by a stroke of luck! The nicks haven’t been too bad and the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about 3 weeks 😮     I know this because the eyebrow incident took place about 3 weeks ago…..  😮

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