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September 20, 2011, 12:24 pm
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The King and I Sept. 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

     Yesterday we laid to rest a man who we loved very much. My father-in-law served his country in WWII, was a good father to his family and set an example for everyone who knew him. The world is a little dimmer now, since his flame has been extinguished. Today we pause to remember him as we work through our grief.
     King knows there is something amiss as Connie and I are simply not ourselves yet. He is patient, waiting for us to come around. He sits with us and watches us with his big eyes offering his condolences. A large gesture from a small puppy … well young anyway 😮
     Farming here at Riceland Meadows is stalled due to the recent rainy weather. There is much to do to get our ground ready for planting the speltz crop. The soil must be turned and disced smooth as part of the seedbed preparation. Water is standing in all of our fields and the weatherman says, there will be at least six more days of scattered showers. .. we may have to wait until spring and plant oats for the horses instead. I guess we’ll adapt as needed.
     There is plenty of firewood left to cut and split. We need to finish up the sugarwood for the sugarhouse. That stack will be a very large one. It is not a bad job now that cooler weather has come upon us. The scattered rain, however, has been mostly scattered right on top of us….causing a delay in this job too.
     I guess the pause is good for us as we rest mind and body. We can reflect on memories and good things, while resting up for the work that awaits us. I can use some of the time to keep teaching King how to shake hands..before his hands out grow mine!

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