Until Next Year
October 1, 2011, 8:05 pm
Filed under: October 2011
Mowing Hay 2011

October 1, 2011

     Well, I give up. I dumped another 1.25 inches of rain out of the rain gauge from last night and todays rain. That makes over four inches this week. We are wet to say the least. I have decided to put all the hay tools away until next year. I guess it comes from being a sort of Cleveland sports fan… I grew up hearing “wait until next year.” In fact I think some folks still say that 😮
     I have all but given up on getting any speltz planted too. I am getting good at mowing the lawn while paddling the canoe, but plowing is way more difficult. The horses will plow yet for spring crops, but I am in doubt that any fall crops will get planted here … stay tuned!
     I have to say that even firewood getting is no fun in the constant wet weather. I am hoping to get that job finished up in the next few days of good weather that the weatherman is promising. There is a big pile still to go in order to fill the sugarhouse woodshed, but at least the pile is ready to be cut and split.
     The autumn was really in the air today. The temperature was 49 F, misty rain and just bone chilling. The gas logs in the fireplace feel good on my old bones. My dog and I played some after chores and even he is piled up on a warm cushion snoozing.
     So, until next year, summer’s work is done ……….

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