October 3, 2011, 7:39 pm
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Crutches , canes and the couch

October 3, 2011

     I had a bit of surgery today. The damage to my knee was a bit worse that thought, but the doctor did a great job of fixing the damage. He showed me pictures of his handiwork. He repaired a torn meniscus in my knee.
     I felt a familiar pain in my knee last June. It was familiar because just a couple of years before that, I had destroyed my other knee. In the previous case, I kept walking on it thinking it would get better. I learned a lesson that once you ruin one, all that tough guy stuff does is make more damage. By July, I was sure that I had ripped my other knee, no question about it.
     We were already working overtime at my off farm job, because one of the guys who does my job had an accident. We were all covering that opening. I didn’t want to add to the vacancy, so tried to work through the pain. In August I started down the path to get my knee fixed, because the sleepless nights and painful days were getting too much to bear.
     I jumped through all the hoops set up by the insurance company. Finally in late September, fourteen weeks after the injury happened, I met with the surgeon. He set up my surgery date as quickly as he could and thanks to a cancellation, that day was today. I now have a new friend…his name is Vicodon 😮  It is only a few pills but wow, does my knee feel better!
     The damage he had to fix was quite extensive, but as I said, he did get it all. I should be walking around soon. In the meantime, I am hobbling around on crutches, flopping around on the couch and looking forward to using a cane soon. The good news is that the weather is coperating..its still raining and the farm work is minimal. I also should be healed and back to as normal as I get, before the ice and snow become a problem.
     Good health is a blessing and when it fails…good doctors and nurses are a blessing too! I must also say that my safety net is my family and friends who are the greatest blessing of all….thanks everyone!

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Oh you big baby whiner we all know you are an attention hog (get it) LOL. But that sure is a one heck of a way to get down time. (But, I too have been known to procrastinate…wonder where I got that from?)

Comment by Charlie

I think it is great! Your x-rays looked amazing after the surgery. I recommend Dr. Sarkisian, but he outdid himself this time. I was impressed.

Keep the faith…the fields are heavy with water and it is perfect time for you to mend. You spend your life taking care of everything and now it is time to take care of you!

Comment by Glenna

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