Resting Up
October 7, 2011, 7:02 pm
Filed under: October 2011
King 15 weeks old

October 7, 2011

     I continue to recover from my surgery. King has been my companion through it all so far. He knows somehow, that I am compromised. He is careful and gentle around me. He chooses to lie on the floor to wait and see if I am going to go do something. He has been disappointed lately , as my walks are short , confined to flat areas accessible by crutches…aka, the driveway apron!
     I am resting my body, keeping plenty of ice on my knee and doing exercises as the doctor has guided me. I am not farming, working horses or doing much of anything productive…until today. Today I used my brain while my body rested. I am working out the details for a new article I am working on, about marketing or specifically, small farm marketing.
     It starts this way for me. An idea comes into my head. I work out many details while the idea rattles around in my brain. Then it will simply “come out” my fingers fly to get it on paper as my mind gives up the details. I guess it’s the artist side of me. I can’t explain it, but I simply can’t just write anything without first mulling it over for awhile…even the mushy stuff has to work its way out from deep inside 😮
     I guess this quiet time that I have been getting is not only healing my body, it is stimulating my mind. I am thinking all of us need to rest a bit more, find some quiet time just for us. I know it is a good thing and can’t understand why I am so amazed every time I allow myself the luxury of rest….even God rested!
     The sun has been wonderful these last few days. The fields and lawn are muddy still, but a dry out is in sight. Most farmers are looking forward to getting into the fields for harvest time… I am no exception..but we are still too wet to think about picking much of anything, unless you count the mud from your boots!
     I will rest and heal. The fields will dry and the crops will ripen. I will get back to the work all in good time. I can embrace it once again with a  body that is ready for work and a mind that is clear to start processing information again. The dog will wait , growing steadily, as both of us rest up.

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