It is a “Dandy” Lion
October 31, 2011, 3:31 pm
Filed under: October 2011
Until Next Year

October 31, 2011

     Today, I scrambled around getting my chores done and sorting out my thoughts. My mind raced a hundred miles an hour. I saw something in the lawn. It was this last yellow dandelion. He bloomed proudly in spite of several frosts these last few nights. It was as if he was saying “Wait until next year, my friend.”
     I like the little bothersome flower. Many people spray their yards trying to kill the resilient pest. I say, “let them bloom.” The floating seeds are just right to catch and release as you make a wish on them. Their lazy whimsical flight is a delight to watch. The yellow carpet of their blooms is a joy to look at for me.
     Those yellow flowers fill our yard long before the summer annuals are much to look at. They bloom no matter what the weather, hot or wet. Their greens make a good summer salad or cooked like spinach they are great. I understand they make good wine too, although I have never tried it.
     I think the very best thing about them, is when a child brings you a fistful of blossoms just to say I love you. So, when I look out at our lawn filled with the yellow sun drop blossoms, I see nothing but love in its simplest form.
     Today, I was feeling a little down in the dumps. This little flower brightened my day. I know it was a gift sent to say I love you … and I am very pleased with that.
    Until next year, I will feel that last warm kiss of love. It will be enough to hold me over until the first crocus peeks through the snow to say hello. Yep, those really are some … Dandy Lions 😮

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