My Little Buddy
November 6, 2011, 10:16 pm
Filed under: November 2011
King, not quite 5 months old

November 6, 2011

     King continues to grow. He is still my little buddy, but he takes up more room each day on my truck seat. A favorite game is to fetch the bone in the kitchen. It won’t be long until we may have to suspend that game…our kitchen seems to be getting smaller 😮
     The weather has been great these last few days. I have been so busy, that I fall asleep before I get a chance to BLOG. The horse barn switch is going well. The corn is drying fast. I will begin picking the ends of the rows very soon.
     My youngest son mowed our grass for the last time today… He mowed it so he could then borrow our mower. I still think it was a good trade! It is one more job done before winter. Now, I just have to get the equipment all stored away.
     A project that a friend and I are working on has had many set backs. Today, a brand new valve that I purchased, leaked like a sieve. I did get another one, but ran out of time to be able to try it. This is just one example in a long series of events..that has me thinking I may have well just bought the dang thing we are trying to build!
     I got a spot in the raised bed all ready for some spinach and Swiss Chard seed. I even have the seed, but I got sidetracked before I got it planted. I will do it first thing in the morning. It is neat to get an early start on next years garden.
     Well, my little buddy and I are bushed. The time changed, but we haven’t yet…………….  Good Night all 😮

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