6 Months and still growing
December 19, 2011, 6:32 pm
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Bath time for King

December 19, 2011

     King and I celebrated birthdays this month. I am now 53 years old and he is just 6 months old. He continues to grow. He is a very good dog. He weighs almost 90 pounds now and is as graceful as a fifteen year old boy 😮
     He has been getting an ever-increasing list of jobs around here. He watches over us no doubt and warns of anything different. He is always on guard even while playing. Recently, I have been training him to help move the pigs. So far it has been a hoot, but we are making progress.
     He is easy on the pigs. I am starting him on a group of piglets. They are becoming friends. He thinks he is playing with them, but the pigs are not so sure. When I am ready to put the pigs in their pens for the night, I make a hissing sound. The pigs run to the barn door, with King playfully in hot pursuit. Once the piglets are inside the barn, I praise my buddy and tell him what a good dog he is. I am sure that this breed is not intended to be a herding dog… so, don’t tell him. One thing for sure… Lucy would be proud. Putting the hogs where I wanted them was her job and she took it very seriously.
     As I write this blog, King lays by my feet. He is just close enough to touch me… his favorite spot and mine too. He has just had his bath. Pig chasing tends to require a shower afterwords. He takes it well, getting in and out of the bathtub when asked…. and no shaking afterwords!
     Warm weather and mud makes farming slow. The horses and I are managing to get some corn picked by hand . I have the mechanical picker ready to go for when conditions are right. I doubt that it will dry enough, but a freeze would work well. I want to try the horses on the powercart with the corn picker. I am one of the last to harvest my corn, but I was also one of the last to get it planted. So what? I will have enough to feed my animals through the winter and having enough is a good thing!
     Winter is looming, Christmas is coming and my off farm job has been demanding. I am hoping for things to slow down soon.. and they will. Work will return to my list of stuff that I want to do and all will be right in my world. The biggest job that I will have, is that of counting my blessings… what a wonderful thing!

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I swear King wasn’t picked by you at all! Lucy was the one and i believe she is still working the farm with him….bet she is sad that he gets to stay in the house though haha so if he gets into shanagans you better give her credit for that too!! hahaha seriously I had my doubts that Mom would love him but i (being a large dog owner) knew he would win her heart soon enough!! ps inst bath time fun on your back!?!? looking forward to the holidays with you all. see you soon

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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