What you looking at?
December 23, 2011, 8:16 pm
Filed under: December 2011
Watching you, watching me

December 23, 2011

     Today we had some visitors to our farm. They are extended family, but visitors just the same. They took in all the sights around the farm, petted the animals and gave out treats to all of them. King was the farm’s ambassador who took his job very serious.
     Snow barely covered the ground, but it did hide a lot of mud. It gave everything a fresh appearance and the look of cleanness…right until you stepped in the mud. Oh well a nice visit was had by all. The treats and praise went very well during this time of magic that is Christmas 😮
     I am still revelling in the fact that the maple syrup arch is all ready for the upcoming syrup season. Sure, there is still plenty to do…. but what a wonderful feeling to have that brick work all done, to say nothing about getting the whole thing set and leveled!
     The cows, horses and other animals were glad to have the visitors. They watched them come and watched them go. The people had fun watching the animals … me… I went out one more time to watch mortar dry… and every one of us had a great day!

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