Winterland Frolic
December 30, 2011, 1:48 pm
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Knight, Duke and Hoss play in the snow

December 30, 2011

     The horses enjoyed a little play time yesterday. There was just enough snow to make the cement have some traction. I let them jump around and play on the feedlot. They had a grand time. The pastures are too saturated and muddy for the horses to romp around. They will have to be content with work and this type of play until the ground freezes.
     The big creatures would destroy way too much pasture with their big feet stomping the tender grasses out of sight. All that would remain is the deep pock marks made by the running horses. These holes are ankle twisters to say the least.
     Once the corn fields are picked clean, then gleaned by the pigs, that field become a jump lot for the horses. They can poke holes, run, jump and roll on the sacrificial plot that will be plowed in the coming spring. They get to rip around bucking and kicking while not hurting a thing.
     Some folks will give me a hard time about soil compaction from the gentle giants, but I know better. The little impact that the horses make while working my farm or playing like rough housing boys has never been a problem. The deep ruts I see in some fields where the harvest went on no matter the soil conditions, will present a much bigger problem than three playful horses could ever do.
     I am not going to argue. I am just going to keep on working my horses, harvesting my crops and enjoying the freedom that  having “enough” ….can bring to a man.
     Frolic my friends, enjoy life and whatever you do, leave a little impact that can be smoothed over…not the deep complicated kind that lasts forever. Tread lightly on the hearts of men so that long after you are gone, your name will be spoken easily on their lips.  

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Beautiful! I like the part about being gentle on the hearts of others, that makes a lasting impact, but is often overlooked.

Comment by Anna Knapp-Peck

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