Bringing it in
January 29, 2012, 8:47 pm
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Woodshed still needing more

January 29, 2012

     Well, we worked on wood again, but there is still plenty of room left in the woodshed. This is a hair over seven bundles, but barely makes a dent in the woodshed. I plan to get some chunk wood added to the pile next. Mixing the two types should make a hot fire that will last for a little while.
    The chunk wood will be pieces three feet long and in the three to four-inch diameter range. The splitter will get a good workout as will the man 😮  I have the logs, now I just need to split the wood.
     Using my horses is a great thing. Using them in the mud is an even better thing. They don’t get stuck and they don’t tear up the ground. Only the wagon wheels make tracks … the hoofprints are more like holes, deep holes, but no waist deep ruts at least.
     Next weekend the wood cutting will reach a feverish pitch. I hope to have the amount we need all cut, stacked, split and hauled by the 7th of February. It is a goal that can be reached I believe… now I just need to convince a few helpers 😮
     I hope to work on my holding tank plumbing this week. I am no plumber, but have a pretty good understanding of what I need done. I also have a good idea what it should look like … now we shall see if the two can come together!
     I remember my grandpa’s woodshed filled to the brim with wood. I don’t remember ever helping with that job. He must have worked on it while I was in school. The house wood I do remember watching and helping, but not the sugarwood. I am thinking it was because of the buzzsaw he used.
     King and I walked the sap trails today. There is work there to do too. Some dead falls cover the paths and must be removed. Oh well, it too is wood… I guess I’ll be bringing it in……….

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