Caught Napping
February 14, 2012, 7:01 pm
Filed under: February 2012
King and I taking five

February 14, 2012

     Yesterday I was watching TV with my eyes closed. My wife caught me napping , or so she says. King was protecting me, so why not catch a few Z’s?
     Today is for sweethearts and I ask you… is there anything sweeter than a boy with his dog?  Well, OK, perhaps it’s better with a small boy and not some middle-aged man in his shorts!
     I had to be in a training class all day for some new equipment at work. I didn’t get any farm work done except for the daily feeding and chores. I much prefer a day spent here … even if it is napping!

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one thing is for sure, at least you two didnt get caught napping in Mom’s bed!! you both would have been put OUT to pasture then hahahahah!! in all seriousness, King has been a fine addition to the family!! Good Job training him! Love you all!

Comment by gert aka Donna

😉 Love this picture

Comment by Charlie

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