All Steamed Up
February 24, 2012, 8:34 am
Filed under: February 2012
Sap is boiling good

February 24, 2012

     Yesterday we boiled most of the day. It was supposed to get warm and sunny, but the clouds prevailed. The sap did not run much, but I stayed busy boiling with sap gathered the day before.
     Our maple syrup season is in full swing. I am celebrating some time off from my off farm job, between that and making syrup, you can’t knock my smile off with a club 😮
     King follows me out to the sugarhouse, but I make him stay outside. I don’t think a dog in there is a good idea. Especially one his size as I make my way through the steam.
     I did figure out how to use my copula to vent the steam better. This whole thing is a learning process and I am doing just that! I pray the weather continues to yield cold night and warm days at least for a little while longer, I need to recover a little of my expenses.
     This is one project that can drain a wallet, so you had better not mind. It is very easy to see why the finished product, made from boiling over 40 gallons of sap to get one gallon of maple syrup, is a bit pricy. I don’t even count the work involved otherwise I might get …. all steamed up 😮

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