The Celebration of Easter
April 8, 2012, 2:07 pm
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Little girls and hula-hoops

                                                      April 8, 2012

      Easter baskets, colored eggs, hula-hoops and of course chocolate! People are gathering to celebrate Easter on this day. My hope is that the true meaning of Easter gets conveyed. It truly is a day for celebrating. This is the day Jesus conquered death and rose from the dead, taking away all of our sin. God’s gift to us is free, John 3:16.

      I remember as a boy many Easter dinners and the fanfare that went with it. We always had to dress up in new outfits. We went to grandma’s for dinner..and we behaved like ladies and gentlemen. I used to hate that part. I mean think about it..gorge yourself with candy, then sit still.

      One of my most treasured memories revolves around Easter. My mother had gotten me a new suit. It was made from corduroy. We weren’t able to go to my grandma’s on the upcoming Easter, for some reason that I do not remember, but we were to celebrate the holiday on the Saturday before.

      We arrived at my grandparents house mid-morning on the Saturday before Easter. My great grandpa, who lived next door to my grandparents, was just leaving the barn with a manure spreader load of fresh cow manure. I begged my mom to go see my great grandpa Case. 

     “Go ahead”, she said reluctantly … “Don’t get dirty.” she yelled after me. I heard nothing but the wind in my ears, as I ran as fast as I could, to see my grandpa Case.

      He was just pulling out of the barn by the time I ran to him. He stopped the tractor, got off to close the barn door and to talk to me. I convinced him to let me go with him to spread that load of wet, sloppy manure.

      The spreader he was using was an old New Idea horse-drawn type with a seat in the front of it. My grandpa had cut the tongue down and was using the tractor. I am sure he would have prefered horses, but his daughters talked him out of his team when he hit the age of 80.

      I climbed up onto that old steel seat in my brand new corduroy suit and sat with a big grin. We went to the field with the aroma of fresh cow poop clinging to my nostrils. Once in the field my grandpa pulled the levers and started the ground drive spreader unloading the gooey mixture.

      Around the field we went, unloading the spreader. The breeze caught the small bits of manure and a mist coming off the beaters and sprayed it all over me. I felt the little droplets on my face and perhaps on my teeth and lips, because I was grinning from ear to ear. I loved all things farming even back then 😮 

     The spreader unloaded, we arrived back at the barn. I climbed down off the spreader seat and looked down at myself.  Oh my, small bits of wet cow poop, hay and straw really stick to a corduroy suit! 

     I got a little nervous about showing my mom. My grandpa consoled me. He said, “Don’t worry. I can clean you up in no time.” We went into the barn where my grandpa got a burlap feed bag. He dusted me off with that bag. Actually what happened was that he smeared all that fresh cow shit into my suit along with a fine dusting of cow feed. Now I looked like a small boy covered in crap and rolled in corn meal… but I felt like a cat turd in a sandbox!

      We walked to the house. I walked much slower going that direction than I did when running to the barn. I was pretty sure it was going to be my last day on Earth. My mother would simply kill me and leave me for the buzzards … I began to cry.

      My mother came out of the house. Her face fell for just a second… the she broke into laughter! I mean the kind that involves howling, snorting and coughing. She was dang near hysterical. Then she did something that still amazes me. She wrapped her arms around me hugging me for all I was worth… calling me her little farmer ……….. I never grew out of it!

      Happy Easter everybody 😮



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I always hated the stupid bonnets she would make me wear, you know Beav the ones with the elastic strap that You could pull and hit me in the chin right before her annual picture!!! And don’t forget the white gloves. 🙂 I came across on of those pictures just the other day and had a good laugh!!! Love Ya!

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