Ready to Garden
April 14, 2012, 8:48 pm
Filed under: April 2012

Killing Weeds

                                                      April 14, 2012

      The garden is looking very inviting. I am amazed that it is almost ready to plant. I could have it ready in just a few hours, but alas, it is too early for me.

      I have a few early crops planted in another place. This garden is for our mid and late season crops. A good patch of potatoes and some sweet corn will be here along with tomatoes. The east end I will keep in a soil building fallow much of this season.

      I am killing weeds in this spot for now. I harrow the piece every week or so. It kills a whole lot of germinating weed seed. I intend to keep harassing those things until time to plant the crops.

      I will still have to my fair share of weeding, but killing them young helps a lot. The east end I will apply compost then seed it to buckwheat. I will let the crop grow until it blossoms. Then it will be mowed down.The green manure in the buckwheat clippings will feed this lower end of the garden.

      I am hoping to apply another light layer of compost on the clippings. The buckwheat will be allowed to grow once again. I am hoping then to plow it down just before frost with the rest of the garden. I will then put the garden to bed for winter, with a rye cover crop planted in the late autumn.

      Buckwheat along with the mowing will help to suppress weeds. The compost applied and left to rot more with the clippings will make a nice banquet to plow under in the late summer. I hope to stockpile nutrients for the next years garden. This cycle has worked well for me in the past.

      The rain gauge is out. I think it won’t freeze solid anymore… but this crazy weather year … Who knows?  😮



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