Got “em ” all in!
May 27, 2012, 7:18 pm
Filed under: May 2012

Humble beginnings 1500 plants planted

                                                         May 27, 2012

      Whew, we finished planting the strips. It took us just about eight hours. We broke it into two mornings and finished each day at lunchtime. We had good help, a few friends and some family. It went well.

      This was our first attempt at planting this way. We learned a few things along the way. We have plans for next time regarding the number of people needed and what we will do different from an equipment perspective.  We were professionals by the time we were on the last flat of plants.

      The standing hay between the strips will be cut soon. It is in great shape and is nothing short of second cutting. The growth is lush, succulent and packed with nutrition. I just need the weather to cooperate…. I am sure it will, all in good time 😮

      We gave the irrigation a trial run. It worked well. Our pond will provide the needed moisture for the growing plants. The drip tape was laid at the same time the plastic covered beds were built. This whole process is nothing short of amazing to me.

      I can see where gardeners in small spaces can have a profitable business or simply raise a year’s worth of produce for a family. The sky is the limit, as they say. If our beds were in one long row, it would measure over three-quarters of a mile… just short of 4000 feet. 

     Our “pop-up” showers are making hay impossible. They won’t give us enough rain to help the crops either, but then again, we have gotten 1/4 inch since yesterday… I guess everything appreciates it…. especially the lawn!


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