Hidden in plain sight
June 5, 2012, 7:16 am
Filed under: June 2012

My treasure chest … blending in?

                                                                    June 5, 2012

      I call it my treasure chest, but it only holds some plastic barrels, a wooden sled and a couple of sap gathering tanks. It does keep those things under cover, out of sight and protected from the sun and weather. We recently painted it to blend in better and sort of disappear from sight. One day the trees and shrubs should help hide it too.

      The big ramp that was there has been leveled out some and made smaller. This new design will fit much better with our plans. There is still a bit to do, but the dirt has been moved, so we are on our way. I am thinking about planting a row of thornless blackberries in the new dirt right in front of the shrubs. They should help make the semi trailer disappear, while providing us with a tasty, healthy treat.

      I hope this thing will be like a deer, blending into the landscape, yet right in plain sight. My wife was amazed when I brought it home…maybe even “that” I brought it home, but her mood has softened as it begins to disappear from view. I like the stupid thing. I see it’s potential and have been  a supporter of its value, ever since it was dragged in here 😮

      I have been corresponding with a young man in the service. He is stationed in Afghanistan. He wants to farm with horses and has big plans. I am humbled by his quest to ask me things, but honored to help in any way that I can. I am an “English” farmer who uses horses to farm. I am a relic to some and an inspiration to others. I guess I just never saw myself in that light…evidently.. I have been hidden in plain sight.


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