Fountian of Youth?
June 10, 2012, 4:32 am
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Connie’s Fountain

                                                      June 10, 2012

      My wife wanted a fountain for our patio. We found this one at a nearby concrete statue place. A guy and his brother took over their father’s cement business. They have found a way to stay in the business, grow the business and make money without over charging folks. Our fountain cost us just over a hundred dollars.

      I knew the man who makes the statuary, from when we were in grade school. His father had a small gravel pit and made cement. The place was fascinating for a young boy. We played on the stones and looked for fossils and arrow heads. I thought the place was neat back then. Now, with all sorts of statues and items made from concrete, it is still a very captivating place.

      We had to buy a small water pump and put it together, but the fountain came complete, minus the water. It adds an element of grandeur to our back patio. I don’t know if it will take any years off of our lives, but sitting and listening to it, does relax a guy.

      The place where we bought the fountain is named Frye’s Sand and Gravel in Dorset, Ohio. They don’t sell much sand and gravel anymore in bulk form. It all goes out of there in molded pieces of cement. My hat is off to the free thinkers who found a way to carry on a business that was started by their father.

      I guess that fountain does make you feel younger. If you sit quietly sipping iced tea, the rivulets of water will make you have to pee. Suddenly, it is as if you have no bladder space. I guess it will make you younger … well, at least it will ….. keep you going 😮


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