Whacking Away At It
June 27, 2012, 8:08 am
Filed under: June 2012

Hoss, Knight and I mowing pasture

                                                                   June 27, 2012

      The horses and I have been mowing pasture. I am not worried about hitting anything with the brush hog because we are only mowing grass. I would not mow over shrubs and brush due to flying debris. The grass however, yields easily and is fun to mow.

      The brush hog is six feet wide. It cuts well.  The powercart handles it pretty good. I do have to slow the horses down some in the thickest parts, because I can hear the motor dragging a little… not the horses. They pull this like it’s a toy behind them.

      I am using fly nets on the horses to help keep the biting pest away. The nets, along with homemade fly spray, work well on all but the hottest, muggiest days. The green head flies are the worst right now and very soon come those big black ones. Those big black ones have a drill bit for a stinger… I swear!

      We continue to have a summer without much rain. The nice days do make it easy to work on my list of jobs. I am not anywhere near the end of the list , but I am whacking away at it 😮


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