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July 6, 2012, 4:34 am
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Tomatoes waiting to be tied up, yet again

                                                          July 6, 2012

      I am not sure when it started, but now the weatherman has to tell you what “hot” feels like! I am thinking that anything over 90 degrees F, is hot!  Those guys telling me that it will feel like a 100 is dang near cruel. Us heavyweights don’t like it hot, brainwashing me to think it’s even hotter is just plain ornery 😮

      This recent hot muggy weather has been great for plants. It is almost like being in a rain forest. I have been reminded not to go to a rain forest, but rather some place cool up north in Canada instead! The corn and tomatoes have rebounded, thanks to the recent rains. I guess this hot weather is making them grow too.

      Our hot weather usually doesn’t arrive until mid-August. This year it came at the end of winter and keeps hanging around. I guess it’s very good for plants, but the animals, like me, are not so impressed. We drink more water, seek shade and avoid doing anything in the hottest part of the day.

      It seems that every little project soaks my clothes with sweat. That is all the guide that I need, but I get some guy who can’t predict when it will rain, telling me how hot it will feel like. I guess it’s just practice for all of those “Chicken Littles” who will soon be sensationalizing just how much snow we could get!  How about just giving it to me straight and I will keep my own “index” 😮

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Good Morning Ralph! I sit here reading your post and am reminded exactly as to what you are talking about with the things related to “BIG” and “SWEAT”. After having 2 heart attacks in my 40’s I get abit leary but the saw-bones says just to know when to quit….HAH …right !!
For feeling a little cooler, I have been using those Veternarian coveralls. They are shortsleeved and very very light. They seem to wick the sweat away and although it is hot BUT I don’t feel so sticky and clammy.Try a pair they are cheap and work.

My place of work gets very hot too so coming home to do some odds and ends everyday till the weekend is upon me I don’t really get too hot but on the weekend anything goes…fencing,haying,building…well….you know the routine.
I don’t know where you live but your weather seems to be like our weather and right now although we are having a shower of rain it almost looks like the earth is a sponge and sucking it up as quick as it hits the ground. It is supposed to stop and get muggy again today and like you say …”how much worse it is with someone telling you how hot your supposed to feel”. You do have a way with words. Have a great day !!

Comment by Greg Wright

Thanks again for the kind words.

I will write about my clothing choice in an upcoming blog. I can see where your coveralls would work out good…especially in hot weather.

I am located in extreme northeast Ohio…just across the lake from you :o)


Comment by Ralph J Rice

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