“Rootin Tootin” Day
July 15, 2012, 1:31 pm
Filed under: July 2012

Two of our sows, rootin and tootin in the back pasture

                                                     July 15, 2012

      The sows really enjoy the large pasture that they share. They can run, rest and play whenever they want. They root up the ground in search of rootlets and Lord only knows what else. They eat ear corn along with whatever they want in the big field.

      There is quite a bit of clover and plenty of weeds in what was a corn field last year. They are eating anything that got missed when I picked the corn. They enjoy all sorts of weeds and that pleases me greatly.

      There are three sows and a boar in a space that is about four acres. They play in the morning and in early evening, but in the hottest part of the day, they lay in the shade and snooze. They also have a large mud hole to lounge in. The mud caked to their skin keeps them cool and keeps the biting flies at bay.

      Pigs don’t sweat. They need a cool place to spend their days. They have lots of choices in the big pasture. They don’t bother the fences. I think it is because they are perfectly content and their bellies are full. The last sow should breed today or tomorrow and that job will be done for a few months. The boar will stay with the ladies. Everyone seems more content that way too.

      I guess the best part of pigs on pasture, is that they eat weeds, clean up any volunteer corn plants that try to grow and spread their own manure… I like that part best of all 😮

      I guess I have talked enough about both ends of the pigs, the rooter and the tooter. I will just say, It’s a rootin, tootin day!


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