Wait Up!
July 17, 2012, 2:24 pm
Filed under: July 2012

A couple of our girls headed for the water trough

                                                              July 17, 2012


     The rain skirted us yet again. Some of my neighbors got a very nice rain, but we only got a small sprinkle. My son lives about 8 miles north. He got a wonderful amount there. The weatherman says we are over 9 inches behind for the season… It’s dry.

     I haul water to my cows in the field they are in, because of a leak in the water line. I need to fix it, but so far, I have not found the time. Everyday I think that I should just make the time…but I keep procrastinating.. It’s a Sagittarius thing I guess 😮

     We are working on planting a small field of buckwheat today. The temperature is in the upper 90’s F. That is too hot to do anything for us thick blooded Ohioans! I am ready for some cooler weather with a rainstorm mixed in to boot!

     I guess all we need to do is schedule a picnic or mow some second cutting hay down… well that usually works. This year I guess we just be thankful for the rains we get, take comfort in the wet year last year that raised water tables and is keeping the forest trees alive.

     The ponds are getting lower every day. The grass continues to be brown and crunchy. Funny how it will all green up again, as soon as the rains come. I guess all we have to do is ……………. wait.


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