Daisies and Daylillies
July 21, 2012, 9:06 am
Filed under: July 2012

Our Garden Border

                                                     July 21, 2012


     Is there anything more beautiful, honest or unexpected that blooms from a flower? I guess in this case unexpected doesn’t apply. I have seen, however, blooming flowers in odd places where they were blown by the wind or perhaps just forgotten.

     Spring daffodils blooming in a brushy wooded area, defining the old foundation of a house long gone, always gives me pause. The little flowers bloom year after year, providing smiles, even though the one who planted them has been gone for generations.

     I think flowers are a delight. They reward you season after season with minimal care. The old perennial varieties of daisies, daylillies, and cone flowers adorn our farmstead. They please me.

     Our drought year has all but killed our lawn. The flowers however, are in full bloom. They seem to be a bit shorter than usual, but just as vibrant as ever. The birds and bees think so too 😮

     We divided and planted the new bed along the fence last fall. The flowers have taken root and residence. They look as if they have been there forever. I will divide more later this year to be planted by the sugarhouse and my mom’s place.

     I read something somewhere about things to do while we are here on this Earth. One of the lines simply said “Plant Sequoia” I considered the age and size of those giant redwoods and decided that it is a noble person who plants trees of any kind, but especially Sequoia!

     I am sure there is a reason why we take flowers to sick people, lay them on graves and give them to our lovers…flowers speak to our hearts… I know mine feels better from just looking at them.


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