Made in the Shade
July 24, 2012, 9:10 am
Filed under: July 2012

Our sheep chilling in the shade

                                                      July 24, 2012

     Yesterday was another hot day. The temperature was 91 F. The weatherman said it felt like 94 F … I think he should have been helping me cut firewood..seemed hotter than hell to me 😮

     Our sheep are wise creatures. They seek the shade in the hottest part of the day. They just lay there and rest, choosing to graze in the morning and evening. I think they have it figured out!

     I keep going on as usual. I still wear dark-colored t-shirts and bib overalls. I keep thinking I can will it to be cooler…maybe even scare up a little rain. The sun, however, just laughs at me and continues to bear down on our small farm.

     Yesterday while I was scouting the pine forests looking for lumber candidates, I found that area to be very cool and inviting. I spent a little too much time there for just “tree looking”.  I guess I would have to say, that I milled around enjoying that spot away from the hot sun.

     The woods are much cooler than any part of our farm. The shade from the canopy of the leaves makes it a wonderful place to visit on a hot day. The pine tree forest seems even cooler. I can’t decide if it is because the needles on the ground are soft and inviting, or because the canopy is thicker, blocking out more of the heat rays.

     The sheep seem to choose the pines to lay under. I guess they too are baffeled..well then again, maybe not.. They are smart enough to lay and rest in the mid-afternoon… I guess they have it made in the shade!


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