Innovative Pig Waterers
August 24, 2012, 4:28 pm
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Pigs drinking from the pig nipple drinker

                                                August 24, 2012

     Once again, the discarded plastic barrels have answered a need here on the farm. We made portable pig waterers out of them. They work very well, were easy to make and are inexpensive … my favorite part 😮

     We took the barrel and after rinsing, neutralizing and rinsing again, we cut a small portion of the top out. We next marked a spot on the side for the location of the stainless steel pig nipple. We kept them at the height that the pigs needed and up off the bottom so trash and chaff could settle out without plugging the nipple screen.

     We next took two pipe “floor flanges” and sandwiched the plastic barrel in-between. We marked the center hole and the holes to bolt the flanges together. We drilled a 1/2 inch hole at the center mark. We then drilled the 1/4 inch holes for the flange bolts. We assembled the flanges on the barrel, after putting some silicone caulking on each flange, where they contacted the sides of the barrel.

     We next screwed a close nipple into the outside flange threads. This nipple just made the drinker a bit longer to reach inside the pen, without being too long so the pigs would break them off. A coupling was added next. We then threaded the stainless steel pig nipple into the coupling. We used 1/2 inch pipe fittings for the whole project, because that was the size of the pig nipple.

     The waterers cost a little less than $15.00 each. That includes all the pipe fittings, bolts and nipples. The nipples and associated piping  were purchased at the local farm store. We let them cure and dry for 24 hours before filling them with water to allow the silicon caulking to dry well.

     They work great. We rinse then once a day We  fill them as needed, usually twice a day. The pigs seem to be drinking more water this way than when watered in a trough. The mess is less and the water stays much cleaner and fresher.

     These portable drinkers also work very well for our moveable pig pen. We just secure it to the side of the pen with steel plumbing tape making a circle for the barrel to slide into. We can remove and clean them as needed or daily to freshen the water.

     The barrels shown had  low pH material in them for the soap that they dispensed. We rinsed, then neutralized with baking soda and water, rinsing several times afterwards. Once again some innovative thinking helped save some money, while providing a valuable tool for the farm.

     You can call it “tight”, “frugal” or “cheap”, but I prefer the sound of “Innovative” !!


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