Made in the Shade
September 23, 2012, 2:30 pm
Filed under: September 2012

The cows in the shade

                                                 September 23, 2012

     The rain has started to fall. Normal weather is returning to northeast Ohio. The grass and pastures are greening back up and the lawn needs mowed weekly again. It came a little too late for my field crops, but I am thankful just the same.

     The maple trees in the sugarbush are grateful for the moisture too I bet. The hottest summer on record is pretty much behind us as Autumn begins. The cool working days make me smile. Only the corn harvest waits and I enjoy that one too.

     Many of my projects are completed and the last one is in my sights. Another building is planned before winter. I hope to get it all framed in and weather proofed before the cold, windy ,winter days make building anything but a fire, a pain in the ass.

     The horses and I will be doing some fall plowing as soon as we get the corn binded and shocked. Working horses on cool days is a joy for me and pleasant for them.

     One other job that waits for me is taking the honey off the bee hive. They made a large super full. I just need a nice, sunny, warm day to rob it from them. They are less angry when the weather is warm. The ladies are out gathering pollen and nectar on the goldenrod and aster plants. They are just busy enough that they leave me alone while I take a portion of their efforts.

     My projects mostly completed, wood stacked drying in the woodshed and much of the harvest completed, makes me realize that I have it … made in the shade 😮


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