Play Date
October 6, 2012, 2:46 pm
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King asking the horses to play.. In dog speak.

                                                October 6, 2012

     The other day, King was walking with my wife. He and she were checking out the horses. The big boys started to come too close to the fence for King’s liking. I think he barked asking the horses to play. The horses thought he said, ” Get away from my mistress before I eat you alive!” King was bewildered when the horses took off for the furthest part of their pasture for a while.

     King also plays with our cat. We thought the wayward feline was a lady. She showed up here starving and scared. We started to feed her. It wasn’t long before she recognized that the fat guy in the straw hat, brings food.

     That crazy cat would get about three feet away from me, but would not allow me to pick her up or even pet her. We agreed that she could hang out in exchange for killing mice. King tried to play with the kitten, but she would run and hide as soon as he lumbered up to her.

     Finally one day the cat jumped up into my lap, as I sat enjoying a cold beverage, at the end of a long day. She started purring like mad. I couldn’t believe it. She stayed in my lap long enough for me to see that she …. was a he 😮  I just changed his name to Tom..cats don’t care, they only come when they want to no matter what you call them.

     King and Tom do play together often. King would like to play tag, but the cat prefers hide and seek! This usually means the dog takes off running, then spends the rest of the day looking for the cat 😮

     King also tries to play with the pigs. He plays this game called, let me steal your left over pumpkin rind. He reaches into their pen with a long, big old paw. He drags out anything that he can. He then jumps and runs with the object in his mouth. I am sure he is laughing as he plays keep away from the hogs.

     After a long day of playing with the other animals, King likes to come into the house and lounge with us. Most of the time all is well. Some times, however, he stinks like an old pig pen…this involves a bath. Baths take a little bit of effort and a lot of water, but are not too bad and are usually my job. I accept that job and he and I get along well.

     Just the other day, after a fun day of keep away with the pigs. King found out that he could eat some of that sweet pumpkin rind. He ran and played, ate pumpkin and had a big day. Later that evening, my wife sent me a text message asking if I had any idea just how much pumpkin, water and God only knows what else, a Mastiff’s stomach could hold….

     I begged her not to send pictures! She and King played a game of house. She got to be the mom and he got to be the sick kid. Just like kids, once the mess was all cleaned up … He was ready to go again 😮


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