The soft glow of lantern light
October 13, 2012, 6:42 am
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Ryan and Jeremy… getting “er” done!

                                                 October 13, 2012

     The soft glow from a lantern is a beautiful light. When the power is out, it illuminates our home. When looking for a blood trail from a bow shot deer, there is nothing better. When camping with your family, the soft glow of light will warm your heart.

     Last Thursday night, the lantern made it possible to finish the cement slab for the new wash-house. The cement was very slow to dry. The photo above, shows Ryan trying to power float the slow curing slab. The machine served only to bring up lots of nice “cream” that made a good, old ,hand finish work perfect.

     The boys got their knee boards back out. I held the lantern and away they went. They worked with tired bodies and half closed eyes, but the job finished nicely. The lantern shed light on the whole job, because there were no electric lights available.

     The next day, after a brief shower, the water pooled right at the drains. That was exactly what I wanted 😮 The job is compete. It looks and functions well. Thanks again guys!

     I have visited in the glow of lantern light in the homes of many of my Amish friends. It is remarkable just how well the rooms light up. There is very little difference between our living room and there’s… only the TV is missing and that is probably not a bad thing!

     The next time you need light in the dark, consider a lantern. “Coleman” makes a real nice duel fuel one that will even run on gasoline. I have not use gasoline in mine, but it sure works well on lantern fuel. My lanterns have saved me on more than one occasion. I don’t ever plan not to have one at the ready.

     Today we will lay up the walls of the wash-house. I am sure we will finish before dark, but if not… there is always the soft glow of the lantern light!


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