I got my eye on you!
October 17, 2012, 8:04 pm
Filed under: October 2012

Duke.. honest as the day is long

                                              October 17, 2012

     A horse’s eye will tell you a lot of things. You can see their mood and their temperament if you know what to look for. Duke has honest eyes with no fear in them. They are soft, as is his compassionate nature. He is a good horse and a great friend to me.

     We have a sow that is almost ready to give birth. I have been checking her often. I am sure she will have the babies when I’m not around, but I still check on her anyway. I sneak up to the pig barn and look into the window quietly. So far, no progress, just a pig doing pig things.

     The night before last, I went out after dark to check on momma pig. I crept up on the pig barn and the sleeping pigs. Just as I took my last step … BAM. I ran into a 2×6 that I had been using for scaffolding. I smacked myself in the right eye, cut my nose and lost my glasses.

     I did find my glasses in the mud, unbroken. My nose was cut, but just enough to make blood run for a minute or so. I am now sporting a nice “shiner” and puffy cheek….. all because I didn’t want to wake a pig…who has nothing else to do but go back to sleep!

     I need to get back to my building projects. I am waiting on a few construction items so as to get back at it. The pig barn windows finally came, lumber should all shake out by the weekend. The metal quote came in today, so it’s just a matter of time before I am busy and then some  ;o)

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