The Inspection
October 19, 2012, 6:27 am
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Connie and King inspecting the progress of the wash-house

                                                   October 14, 2012

     Yesterday we finished the block foundation of the wash-house. It went well, took a while, but was worth it 😮 Now, I must get my butt in gear to get it closed in before bad weather sets in for the year.

     It is nice to see this dream of mine coming true. It will be very nice to wash muddy vegetables in a big stainless sink instead of making a mess in the kitchen. I look forward to having a place out of the weather, with running water and a drain, for butchering and meat cutting.

     I can’t wait to taste bologna and wieners made in our own smoke house, or the smell of bacon smoking in the shagbark hickory smoke. The wood from our farm, adding a great taste to the meat raised right here. Now, that is just plain neat.

     I can see myself opening my farm to guests who want to learn how to butcher, cure and smoke meat or make a batch of bologna. Perhaps they just want to learn to butcher broilers or rabbits. I am open to creating classes around a persons needs. It will just take a little time to complete the building and then the lesson plans.

     There is much work still to do, but the project is well started and has passed the first of many inspections. I am more excited about this little venture than I was twenty-seven years ago, when I tackled a bigger project that almost sucked the life out of me. This time it is pure fun!

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I am signing up for your very first class! I have butchered a few dozen deer and two hogs but would LOVE to learn from someone who actually knows how:) Your most recent build has inspired me to add a similar structure to our homestead list. I know my wife would be pleased that tubers washing needs and my meat packing can be done somewhere other than her kitchen counter!

Comment by Mark winchell

Ok Mark, I will make sure you get on the mailing list! LOL. You are very right, having a place to make an orderly mess, is much better done anywhere, but in the kitchen. I got the idea from the movie “Babe”. There was a little stone building for butchering on that homestead. Then the wheels started turning for me :o)

Comment by ricelandmeadows

gee whiz Mom why dont you just put a sattle on king to get around the farm??? haha Love you bunches!!!!

Comment by gert aka Donna

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