Pathways and Short Days
October 21, 2012, 6:05 am
Filed under: October 2012

Maple sap path covered with leaves

                                                  October 21, 2012

     It’s hard to believe, that in just four months, it will be maple syrup time. The leaves are falling at a quick pace now. The trees are almost bare. The days are getting shorter. Soon the landscape will be a blanket of white.

     The time change has been moved to November. I wish they would just simply leave it alone. All that springing ahead and falling back makes me dizzy. I don’t think it makes much difference anyway. It just adds one more layer of confusion for no reason. The children get bussed to “bigger and better” schools now. They have to leave in the dark no matter what the calendar says.

     The shorter days and leaf covered walkways remind me of my days back in school. I had a good time, learned in spite of myself and couldn’t care less about what time it got light outside.  It seemed the evenings were always too short to get all my playing done before dark anyway.

     The state of Indiana doesn’t change their time. They don’t have to spend two weeks or more a year switching milk cows from daylight savings time to eastern standard and then back again. They just go with the flow. I think there is a lesson there.

     It can be said that I am resistant to change. I agree. I farm with horses, enjoy hard work and need to be in touch with soil. When something gets changed just for the sake of doing something different, I don’t like it.

     The seasons will change. Here in Ohio, the time will change, the leaves will keep falling and the snow will come. I will adapt…but I probably won’t like it 😮


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