Old-Fashioned Corn Picker
November 3, 2012, 5:38 pm
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My husking peg

                                                 November 3, 2012

     It is that time of year when I start to organize my equipment and put it all inside. Much of it is stored inside anyway, but I organize it and place it so that the spring tools are near the front. That makes things much easier for the start of the planting season.

     This year I didn’t pick any corn at all. Usually I pick some by hand to open the field. I also pick the ends back from the fence. This year however, I planted a little different so no end picking was needed. The drought along with a trip down the field with the seedbox empty on the planter, made it so I already had an opening in the field.

     I ran the whole field through the corn binder and shocked all the corn this year. It was for the best. My corn was almost a failed crop, so picking the small ears would have been a tedious job at best. Especially, if I had to pick by hand. My husking peg and cold hands would have been very glad to see that job completed!

     I do have a very old corn picker. They do not make parts for it anymore. It did a decent job until the end of last year. I am at the place where I need to decide what to do. I need to replace it, or completely rebuild it. Everyone combines their corn now, so us old-fashioned guys are in the minority…. like usual for me 😮

     I guess maybe I will try to find someone who can help me rebuild my old “Woods” picker. It is an old brand, but a very simple machine. Husking rolls seem to be the problem. I need  new ones or a way to re-rubber the ones I have. I am thinking there must be a guy somewhere who knows how to make this old girl purr again.

     If the re-build cannot be done, then I will revert back to picking by hand for some of it. The rest of the crop,  I will bind and shock, then use the husker shredder to complete the picking job… it’s more fun anyway!

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