Red Sky at Night …
November 9, 2012, 11:11 am
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Peaceful western sunset

                                                 November 9, 2012

     The other night as I was feeling sorry for myself from my recent viral illness, I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful sunset. I felt guilty for being so down in the dumps after witnessing such an awesome sight.

     “Red sky at night sailors delight” so the old saying goes. Fair weather is to follow and it sure did. The next day and today were/are beautiful days. I am feeling some better, but my mood is much improved 😮

     My fence contractor came yesterday. He completed a small job that we had talked about this past summer. He did a great job as usual. He did not need my help, so I watched the progress from the house as I continued to heal. The winter sheep pasture is now ready for the ewes and another project got crossed off the list.

     I have been able to organize my thoughts and lay out a plan to get the last of the work done before the winter snows hit us. The corn shocks will be gathered in Saturday. Some pigs will be moved to the old corn field to clean up any corn that we missed. Then next week, we will be back in the construction business as we start putting siding on the wash-house.

     I think that the sunset, along with its promise of better days to come, was just what I needed to jump-start my mind. There will indeed be better days. I guess we need a few bad ones, now and then,  to help us appreciate the good ones even more!

     I guess the red sky was so the “sailors” would know that better days were coming. I think it is a promise for all of us, who are sailing through the rough seas of life … that better days are coming … indeed.


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Mr Rice great article in Acres USA – I enjoyed it very much, Tim Struthers, Burkesville KY

Comment by Tim Struthers

Thanks Tim, I think Kieth Loria did a pretty good job of telling our maple story. The only mistake I see is where he says we set aside land where houses “can” be built…that should have said “can’t”. The buffer is for wildlife and its forever. Thanks for following us. Ralph

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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