The Driving Snow
December 29, 2012, 4:45 pm
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The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush

                                                          December 29, 2012

     The recent snows have made for a winter wonderland. At times the snow was the “driving” type. That is the kind that the wind drives into your eyes… not for driving vechicles…but we do anyway 😮

     We have about eight inches on the ground. The ground is warm still. The Holly Bush shows how much we’d have if the ground had frozen first. There is over 18 inches on the bush. The grass however, is about eight inches with a good layer of slush underneath.

     We have been driven inside these last few days by the snow. The building of the pig pens in the new addition of the pig barn is well underway. In fact, we should finish by the first of the week. We did use part of today to work on an unloading area for our sap. We made a wooden bumper so as to stop in the same spot almost every time.

     The bumper is my idea and my design, I think it will work, but time will tell. A wooden fence will make the horses comfortable as we get close to the bumper. Hopefully the sled will rub along the bumper making unloading a much easier task.

     Today, snizzle is falling. Snizzle is a very small snowflakes falling like drizzle. It is pretty, but does soak a jacket fairly quickly … driving me inside for tea 😮


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