January 1, 2013, 8:07 pm
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Pulling together for the common good

Pulling together for the common good

                                                         January 1, 2013

     Happy New Year! It is a time for new beginnings, for looking inward, and for teamwork. I was explaining to my son how a draft horse evener works. As long as, the evener is hooked in the center, each horse pulls the same amount. If one horse  is a little back, he still has the same weight to bear.

     I have seen many folks who lag back a little, letting others do the hardest work. Then at the end of the task, they come bounding to the forefront for the kudos and congratulations. It takes a good teamster to know which horse is slacking and a few tricks to prevent the lazy from getting off easy.

     Unfortunately, in today’s world of upward mobility, the folks who should be sorting out the slackers are too busy looking upward at their next position. Holding the line, providing leadership and leading by example are being replaced by nothing but greed.

     I hope to be the steady horse, pulling my share no matter what the load happens to be. I want to be focused on the job at hand when its time to work, but ready to eat and rest when its time for that. I like the routine of an old mail delivery horse. He knew the stops and streets by heart. He went willingly everyday no matter the weather. His reward was his share of oats at the end of the day.

     Now it is common to change the route, skip days and even be expected to work longer and pull harder for the same amount of oats. It’s not fair for man or beast. This is where cooperation comes in…if you find it … it is a wonderful thing. If there is no cooperation..at least use an evener so everyone feels the same load..otherwise the horse breaks down and dies or simply quits pulling…both secenarios are bad for the horse…and not much better for the man driving the wagon!


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