Waiting My Turn
January 18, 2013, 9:27 pm
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Hoss and Knight waiting on me

Hoss and Knight waiting on me

January 18, 2013

When I was young, I played with other kids like most of us did. We learned to wait our turn. When I was in the U.S.Army, I learned to “hurry up and wait”. As I get older, I realize just how much character those waiting minutes and hours, gave me.

I am not real patient. I can find stuff to do for a while, but get antsy fast. I do realize how important it is to wait for my turn to talk…although, I will capitalize a conversation when talking about my farm 😮 I find it rude when people break into a conversation to tell me what is the most important thing on their mind, dump it in my lap, then move on.

I wonder how folks become so important in their own mind? Do you raise them that way? Why is it okay to barge in anywhere, announce your idea to the world, then spin on your heel and leave as if to say… “Piss on you , I am the most important person that I know!”

I am sometimes appalled, but not suprised anymore, by the sheer sense of entitlement some folks have. I have only one other personality type that I disdain more. That person is an antagionist. Someone who lives to push other people’s buttons.

I can take quite a bit of stuff from most folks. In my job, plenty of that comes with the territory. I accept it all in stride. I am not good however, with those who lay in wait to kick you when you are down. I have zero tolerence for them. I snapped today. I have no regrets except to myself. I have pretty much held my temper for twenty years…today I held nothing back… and IT FELT GOOD!

I am fine now. I just realized it’s not my turn yet to have everything how I would like it. I can wait….. I’ve been learning to do that for much of my life 😮

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