A Day For Sharing
January 27, 2013, 7:40 pm
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Connie and King share a moment

Connie and King share a moment

January 27, 2013

Today was an awesome day. It started out crisp and cold, but the sun was shining brightly. The snow glistened as if diamonds had been scattered into it. Just looking at the snow made me smile.

I did a little clean up from yesterdays butchering and finished that job. Next it was chores and putting the harness on the horses. My hired man and my son Jake had the horses ready to go by the time my clean up job was finished.

Jake drove Hoss and Knight up and down our maple sap roads, while Justin manned the lopers and cut a whole bunch of face slapping branches out of our way. We continue to prepare for the upcoming maple syrup season.

I hitched Duke in the cart and followed along behind. I didn’t do much other than enjoy the ride and exercise Duke. We spent part of a day sharing who was in charge. I won. He had a good time,and performed well once he figured out who was picking the direction we should go.

Connie spent the day putting her kitchen back together after the new floor went down. She and King spent a minute visiting while she scratched some of his favorite places. He adores her, as do I.

Evening was spent visiting and sharing with an old friend, making plans for next week and resting. My batteries are re-charged and I am ready to face the music of next week. This farm is my sactuary and I will be forever thankful to have it.

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