It all started with a bad washing machine hose
February 1, 2013, 11:44 pm
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Jake and Justin the home remodlers

Jake and Justin the home remodlers

February 1, 2013

It all started when we found a small puddle of water on the floor. The source was discovered to be coming from a leaking washing machine supply hose. We fixed the leak. We patched the wall. We replaced the supply hoses with stainless steel lines. I also discovered the dryer vent needed replaced so we fixed that too.

There was a small bad spot on the old floor, so we put down a new kitchen and laundry room floor. The floor looked great and we were pleased with our recent “found it, fixed it” items.

We woke one morning a few days after the new floor went down to discover that our dishwasher had destroyed itself. No big deal, it was twelve years old and had been used hard. As we were discussing getting a new machine, my wife said her sink was all delamenated and it too needed to be replaced. I agreed that as long as we were looking for dishwashers, a new sink could be installed as well.

Almost as if on key, the sink faucet began to leak while my wife was talking to me! So, off we went to get a new faucet, a new sink and a new dish washer. These things are not free, but needed just the same. We returned home happily with our new purchases.

Upon taking up the old sink, I pulled up a little too hard and ripped the lamenate from the countertop. Yep, called a man who does countertops now to fit our island. All I wanted to do was stop the leaky hose on the washing machine 😮

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I’m sorry, but it IS humorous how things just snowball like this. I am happy you had such a great attitude about the new projects.

Comment by Sunnie

Yep, it is funny… so you might as well laugh about it! It sure helps me to have that attitude.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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